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Virtual Event Booking

You must be a member to register for the virtual events, so if you aren't please join, its free and it is needed to upload all your items.

You pay for the event by us keeping a portion of the sales as a fee, rather than charging a flat rate "table fee".  We will list all of your items for you and will also ship all of your items after the event. This removes the frustration of waiting in for buyers to collect, or shipping items yourself! This way you only pay if your item sells and we do most of the work for you.  For this option there is a 25% fee (which covers all shipping charges, transaction fees and listing fees). To get your items to us you can drop them off with us, or we can collect them for £5.50 depending on location. Or we can arrange for the, to be shipped to us. The cost for this is £5.50 per box (up to 30kg).

After the Virtual Event, you can either relist your items at the following Event, we can return your items to you or we can donate them to charity.

At the moment we are fully booked for all the upcoming virtual events. We sometimes get cancellations so please contact us using the form below and we will be in touch to let you know if there is any availability.

Contact Us to sell at a Virtual Event

Thanks for submitting!

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