Buyers Information

Local Events

Buyers can attend our local Events at one of our established locations. All events are £2 entry per Adult (Children Attend for Free). Subscribe to our website to get your 2 for 1 location! Depending on the location the number of tables can vary from 25 up to nearly 40. This means there are hundreds of items for sale. Mostly pre-loved but often with some new products also. But if you want to find something in particular at a bargain price, its probably on sale at one of our events!!


To see the event locations and details please please click the button below:



Virtual Events

Our virtual events are held nearly every weekend and usually have over 3000 items for sale, both new and pre-loved. The events are free to attend and there is no need to register, just turn up! The event will be run on our website for 48 hours only, so don't delay! There are multiple ways to pay and items are shipped after the sale directly to you and they should be received 3-5 business days after the event. Items are shipped by DPD. You will receive a tracking number to allow you to track your package and you will be notified as items are shipped. You will also be given an hour delivery window, which you can change so that you don't miss your delivery. This makes buying items at our sales not only easy, but safe and secure.  This is where we differ from other virtual and particularly physical events. With other events you are buying direct from the sellers so there is far less security. As you are buying via us you can be sure that everything is checked beforehand. We will always do our best to ensure everything is working and safe. As best as we can we will provide you with a level of security that other events cannot offer.  All items purchased at the Virtual Events & Online Shop are purchased as seen and are in full working order. All batteries (if required) will be replaced and every item washed/cleaned. However if you have any concerns please do contact us.

Virtual Event dates