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Event Organiser Information

When joining our team as an Event Organiser, you will be in charge of running one of our fantastic Events. Running an event entails ensuring the venue is correctly set up, showing stallholders their tables and taking money from buyers. You can expect to earn a great income from the hundreds of buyers that visit each Event. We take on the responsibility of finding the venues, booking in the sellers and we will also do the vast majority of the advertising. You will be expected to do some social media advertising, such as sharing the event via Facebook or other social media channels. We will of course be behind you 100%, to guide and support you in setting up a successful business that works around your family life! If you succeed, we succeed, so we will make sure you are given the best opportunity to flourish. 

why us?

  • We have a strong national presence via our online virtual events and run the largest nearly new sales in the UK, so you will be part of a strong brand and team.

  • You will be fully supported and benefit from the wealth of experience that we have within the industry. 

  • The demand for preloved items is a large and growing market. Many families are now looking to buy good quality items at a fraction of the cost of new items making our Events extremely well attended and well regarded in local communities.

  • We have a strong reputation for well run Events full of quality items and lovely sellers, meaning we get lots of buyers attending.

  • Our events are great fun and its a wonderful way to meet people, while earning a great income from a flexible role that offers a great work/life balance.

  • As we pay for the venues and the advertising there will be minimal costs for you.

Interested or wanting to find out more?

Fill in the contact form and we will be in touch:

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