Online Nearly New Baby and Children's Sales

Sunday's Virtual Event Links 

Held every Sunday at 8pm! Do you know what you are doing? Then hit the button below and jump straight to the links. No idea? Have a read below! Just make sure you hit refresh as the pages are opened to make the password disappear!

The virtual event can be accessed using the links below or from the menu. There is no need to register and its free to attend. How does it work? Like this:

1. The categories and times they open are below. Pages have a password until the time they open.

2. At the time shown (+/- 1 Min) hit refresh and the password on the page will disappear.

3. Shop! Items are not held in your basket so they can be bought out from under you! So be quick and check straight out if you want to secure something.

4. Press refresh to open each page in turn.

5. Try not to panic, it can be furious! Stay focused!

6. Have fun!!

7. Did I say hit refresh at the times shown? I meant mash it. Mash it like your very existence depended on it!

8. Never talk about event club! This is actually rule one so if you read this far well done!

All the items on our virtual events are available for  Delivery to the UK and Ireland. If you make multiple purchases to ensure you don't lose items, only select standard delivery the first time (£4 for clothes and £5.50 for all other items). For additional purchases select the repeat purchase option (Free), so delivery isn't charged more than once. Regular shopper? Select hold my items (£1 for 1 week) to combine purchases from multiple sales and save significantly on shipping!

Watch the video for a very quick explanation of how the event works. Just remember to hit refresh at the correct times so that there is no need for a password !!!!

For further information on the sale or Delivery options/costs just click here and have a little read! 

Sunday's Event Links and opening times



Plastic Toys. 

Sleeping bags


8.05 pm

wOODEN TOYS & Soft toys.

 outerWEAR & Footwear