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Sell your items

You can sell with us from anywhere in the UK and there are a range of options. To discover more, or to book to sell, click on the picture or the book button. 


Virtual Event

You upload your items to our website and then we do the rest! We will sell your items and then ship them all out after the event. This removes the frustration of waiting in for buyers to collect, or shipping items yourself!


For this option there is a 25% fee (which covers all shipping charges, transaction fees and listing fees).

​After the Virtual Event, you can either relist your items at the following Event, we can return your items to you or we can donate them to charity.   

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Local Sale

Pick your nearest location and book a table on a convenient date. 

Pre-Loved tables range from £12 to £20 (Event dependant) and includes the table itself with room to the side for your clothing rail and room to the front for your larger items.  

On the day you can arrive an hour before the Event begins and set up your table. You keep 100% of your profits!

Toys on a Shelf

Bulk Buying Service

A popular way to shift items quickly and easily is for us to bulk buy your items directly. We can bulk buy your items from anywhere within the UK.

If you live in the North West we will come and visit you or you can bring your items to us. If that's not possible we can arrange for your items to be shipped to us. 

It really is that simple! if you are interested please get in touch with us and we can discuss this option with you.

Paying at the Store

Business Sellers

Looking to advertise your business or sell your items? We are here to help!