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The owner of The Little Children's Market


After a lifetime of charity shopping our Founder, Laural, discovered Preloved Baby & Children's Markets. That love affair blossomed into a desire to run her own markets, with a focus on quality items but also a fun experience for all involved. So, The Little Children's Market was born. Originally called "Cheshire Children's Market" (guess where we are from?) the business rapidly grew outside of the boundaries of Cheshire  running Nearly New Sales across the North West. From there the business grew further spreading it's brand of much loved Baby and Children's markets across the UK, and also online. So a rename was appropriate. With a goal to run the best preloved events in the UK, the name "THE" little children's market came to life! Winning awards and featuring in the national press on the way, we have grown from a handful of Cheshire markets, to covering the UK and running the largest baby and children's market in the UK, possibly the World!! Our reputation for quality items and a great experience means we are the preloved markets of choice for many thousands of buyers and sellers up and down our pleasant land!

Our Goal.

There are so many reasons to buy and sell preloved items. From environmental, to financial. We want to bring as many families as possible into the world of preloved markets. Second hand, does not mean second best. The benefit of the markets to local communities can be massive. So this is something that we have as the main goal in our business. To run high quality community events that help local families. 

Our Tagline!


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