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Stallholder information

A infographic explaining how to sell at a baby and children's Nearly New Sale
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Guidance for Stallholders

  • Stallholders will be able to set up from 1 hour before the event. Before this time as we will be setting up the event, we cannot allow access due to health and safety.

  •  All items must be safe and fit for sale. All items sold must be owned by the seller, or the seller must have the express permission of the owner to sell them. All toys and baby items that require batteries must be offered for sale in full working order with batteries installed.

  • Stall holders cannot sell items or services unrelated to maternity, babies or young children. Any items which are deemed to be broken, in poor condition, dangerous, in breach of Health and Safety legislation or trading standards advice cannot be sold. We do not allow the sale of car seats at our events.

  • Stallholders are not permitted to purchase items from other stallholders before the official market opening time. 

  • Due to health and safety, stallholders cannot pack up and leave the event early.

  • Stallholders must remove all waste or unsold items from their area before leaving the event. Any items left behind will be disposed of. 

  •  Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security and monies. We take no responsibility for theft, loss or damage to items.

  • All BUSINESS stallholders MUST forward a copy of their certificate of Public Liability Insurance to us prior to the market day.

  • Bookings for events are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Our full Terms & Conditions can be viewed here:

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