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Attending a Baby & Children' s Market as a Business

Businesses please get in touch to advertise or sell at one of our busy Baby and Children's Nearly Sales.  With advertising fees starting at £10, we offer advertising packages at both our Virtual and local nearly new sales. Our Facebook marketing can reach half a million people, thousands attend our virtual events and hundreds our Markets. With both local and UK wide events, aimed at a specific target audience our events are a great way to reach new customers.


You can also sell at our virtual events, which are a great way to reach a targeted audience spanning the whole of the UK. The cost to sell with us is either £15 per event, or a percentage of sales. If you pay for a virtual "stall" you will be responsible for order fulfilment and shipping. If you would like us to handle everything we will hold your items, fulfil the orders and then ship them for you. This frees you up to focus on growing your business, while we handle the orders from our event. Also this way you only pay if your items sell. We are happy to try and work with you to achieve the best outcome. We are a small business too and we recognise the serious challenges we all face at the moment.

As we like to make sure there is no overlap between businesses, to allow you the best chance to sell, businesses cannot book directly into events. Therefore we have limited availability so please contact us to discuss how we can best work with your business.

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